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Research degrees at University of Bradford

As a technology university, our mission is to be a leader in the creation of knowledge through research, and to apply this knowledge for the prosperity and wellbeing of all people.

By undertaking a research degree at the University of Bradford you will become a part of this mission.

The world faces major challenges - ill-health, poverty, climate change, energy, water and food security are complex global problems. 

Tackling these challenges requires a deep understanding of science, engineering, social, political and cultural behaviour.

Break new ground

A research degree gives you the opportunity to determine your own field of study - which may fall into one of our three pillars of research activity:

Advanced Healthcare

With a strong track record in health research and a major provider of healthcare practitioners to UK and global healthcare industries our academic endeavours surrounding advanced health care seeks to develop new models of health care delivery, health promotion and technology enabled treatment modalities.

This focus will reduce the burden of avoidable illness, reduce health inequalities and enhance the effectiveness of health and care interventions.

Our key research areas are:

Innovative Engineering

Our academic enterprise in innovative engineering centres on research that advances the fundamental understanding of engineering and applied science to create technological solutions to real world problems and needs. 

Importantly, our expertise is leveraged through partnership working with industry and commerce to co-develop and apply our technology, engineering and management know-how. 

Sustainable Societies

Many countries across the world face significant challenges in developing sustainable societies. Many countries are riven by war and conflict; energy, food, water and other resources are being rapidly depleted weak governance and economic models have led to corruption and stark inequalities.

The academic theme of Sustainable Societies will support growth in economic, political and relational well-being for current and future generations through innovative research and teaching and knowledge transfer programmes.

Key centres at the University are:

If you choose the University of Bradford for your research degree, you may also access the Research training for formal research training modules.

More information

Find out more about the support available to University of Bradford research students on the Supporting our research students webpages.