Modern foreign languages (Languages for All)

The Language Centre offers courses in Modern Foreign Languages to all students of the University.

Classes are free. A deposit of £50 is payable, refundable if at least 75% of classes have been attended. Students with acceptable attendance will receive a certificate of completion.

Twelve 2-hour interactive seminars will introduce you to reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in your chosen language, with an emphasis on the development of basic communicative skills and the ability to cope in a limited range of predictable situations. They will also introduce you to the socio-cultural contexts in which your chosen language is spoken.

A range of activities are used to practise skills, including tutor-led presentations, pair/small-group work, and reading and listening comprehension.

If you attend all the sessions of a beginners' language course you should be able to:

  • converse with a speaker of your chosen language at a basic level, answering and asking simple questions in a range of predictable situations;
  • read simple sentences in your chosen language;
  • understand basic written and spoken words and phrases in your chosen language;
  • produce short written sentences about yourself in your chosen language

This equates to Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Languages available in Semester 1 2018-9: Arabic, French, German, Spanish beginners

Classes take place 2.00-4.00 Wednesday afternoons starting 26 September 2018.

Arabic Chesham C2.10
French Horton D0.16
German Horton D0.17
Spanish Horton D0.15

Please contact for further details.

Friendly environment - very interactive - very well-organised in terms of content - very easy and simple to understand.
The teacher is very engaging and keeps the classes interesting.
Friendly and professional teacher.
The lecturer is very well-prepared, stimulating and fun