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Professor Maryann Hardy

PositionProfessor of Radiography and Imaging Practice Research
DepartmentSchool of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery
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Telephone01274 236578
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PhD Supervision

Rachael Forton (ongoing) part-time student
Research focus: Advanced Practice Radiographers leading the way in Cardiac CT imaging. Is this one role development too far or does this innovative approach provide key stake holders with the care & satisfaction demanded by the 2010 Government white paper?

Jamie Beck (ongoing) part-time student
Research focus: A mixed methods study to explore the factors that encourage and inhibit radiographers raising awareness of suspected non-accidental injury in children.

Martine Harris (ongoing) part-time student
Research Focus: Safeguarding patient safety and delivering capacity in computed tomography: defining the essential technical and cognitive skills required of the future CT radiographer workforce.


Colin Ayre (2016) Part-time student
Delay to diagnosis and specialist consultation following anterior cruciate ligament injury: A study investigating the nature of, and factors associated with, pathway delay.

Iram Gul (2015) Full-time extramural student
Psychosocial predictors of quality of life post myocardial infarction: A prospective cohort study in Pakistan.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Expertise across diagnostic radiography subjects and wider health care practice with particular responsibility for aspects of research methods education and radiographic image interpretation. 


Maryann Hardy is Professor of Radiography and Imaging Practice Research. She is passionate about advancing radiographic practice and promoting service delivery models that put the patient first.

She considers imaging to be an essential diagnostic and treatment evaluation service in most, if not all, care management pathways. Her work focuses on how to adopt new technologies and effectively engage the skills of radiographers and other healthcare professionals to enhance and improve patient outcomes.

She is a widely published researcher and author, a member of the UK Society and College of Radiographers and British Institute of Radiology, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and registered as a diagnostic radiographer with the HCPC regulatory body. She sits on a number of national and international bodies and panels.

Study History

  • 2007 PhD: University of Bradford
    Research focus: Accidental injuries in primary school aged children
  • 2004 PgCert Research Methods: University of Bradford
  • 2002 MSc Healthcare Practice: University of Bradford
  • 1998 PgCert Radiographic Image Interpretation: University of Bradford
  • 1998 BSc(Hons)(Open) (Math and Mathematical applications): Open University
  • 1989 Diploma of the College of Radiographers (DCR(R))

Research Areas

Advanced practice and service delivery innovations

Current Projects

  • MotiVar: Motivational Avatar to promote weight loss (NIHR: £249,925) Ongoing study
  • Motion capture as a radiography education tool (HEIF: £30,010) In write up.
  • CT simulation to enable clinical decision making (HEE: £75,000) Ongoing study
  • Neonatal chest radiography: evaluating international standards (ISRRT: £2500) In write up.


See Maryann's publications on Bradford Scholars.


Hardy M & Snaith B (2010) Musculoskeletal trauma: A guide to assessment and diagnosis. London: Churchill Livingstone.

Hardy M & Snaith B (2005) Beyond Red Dot…! An introduction to musculoskeletal trauma (course companion). In Print & Design, University of Bradford: Bradford

Hardy M & Boynes S (2003) Paediatric Radiography. Oxford: Blackwell Science

Book Chapters

Hardy M, Snaith B, Henwood S (2014) Leading in Health Care: challenging boundaries and future potential in Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care - A multi-professional approach. Boston: CRC Press

Snaith B, Hardy M (2014) Motivating and engaging others: Driving practice change in Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care - A multi-professional approach. Boston: CRC Press

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications (since 2013)

Ayre C, Hardy M, Scally A, Radcliffe G, Venkatesh R, Smith J, Guy S (in press) The use of history to identify anterior cruciate ligament injuries in the acute trauma setting: the ‘LIMP’ index. Emergency Medicine journal doi:10.1136/emermed-2015-205610

Ogunmefun O, Hardy M, Boynes S (2016) Is MRI a viable alternative to Ultrasound as the primary imaging modality in the diagnosis of paediatric appendicitis? A systematic review. Radiography 22(3): 244-251.

Hardy M, Johnson L, Sharples R, Boynes S, Irving D (2016) Does radiography advanced practice improve patient outcomes and health service quality? A systematic review. British Journal of Radiology 89:20151066

Hardy M, Flintham K, Snaith B, Lewis EF (2016) The impact of image test bank construction on radiographic interpretation outcomes: a comparison study. Radiography 22(2): 166-170.

Hardy M, Scotland B, Herron L (2015) Assessing sagittal rotation on posteroanterior chest radiographs: the effect of body morphology on radiographic appearances. Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences 46(4): 365-371.

Snaith B, Hardy M, Lewis E (2015) Radiographer reporting in the UK: A longitudinal analysis. Radiography 21(2): 119-123

Hardy M, Nightingale J (2014) Conceptualising the transition from advanced to consultant practitioner using a longitudinal qualitative approach: role clarity, self-perception and adjustment. Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences 45(4): 364-372.

Hardy M, Nightingale J (2014) Conceptualising the transition from advanced to consultant practitioner using a longitudinal qualitative approach: career promotion or significant life event? Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences 45(4): 356-363

Snaith B, Hardy M, Lewis E (2014) Reducing image interpretation errors: Do communication strategies undermine this? Radiography 20(3): 230-234

Snaith B, Hardy M (2014) Emergency department image interpretation accuracy: the influence of immediate reporting by radiology. International Emergency Nursing Journal 22(2): 63-68.

Hardy M (2013) Guest Editorial: Children and young people in imaging and radiotherapy. Radiography 19(4): 282.

Lewis E, Hardy M, Snaith B (2013) Estimating the Effect of Nonresponse Bias in a Survey of Hospital Organizations. Evaluation & the Health Professions 36(3): 330-351

Lewis E, Hardy M, Snaith B (2013) An analysis of survey reporting in the imaging professions: is non-response bias being adequately addressed? Radiography 19(3): 265-270

Snaith B, Hardy M (2013) The perceived impact of an emergency department immediate reporting service: An exploratory survey Radiography 19(2): 92-6

Hardy M, Hutton J, Snaith B (2013) Is a radiographer led immediate reporting service for emergency department referrals a cost effective initiative? Radiography 19(1):23-7

Hardy M, Snaith B, Scally A (2013) The impact of immediate reporting on interpretive discrepancies and patient referral pathways within the emergency department: a randomized controlled trial. British Journal of Radiology 86:0112; doi:10.1259/bjr.20120112


Outcomes from a previous NIHR RfPB study completed in 2010 (PB-PG-0407-13033 The impact of radiographer immediate reporting on patient outcomes and service delivery within the emergency department: A randomised controlled trial) have been identified as high quality and have informed NICE guidance for fracture treatment recently published. Please see Pages 115-123.

Previous studies looking at radiographer reporting and commenting have informed professional guidance document published by UK and international professional bodies.

Public/Academic/Stakeholder Engagement

Presentations from 2015 onwards:

Hardy M (2017) Doing things differently: rethinking the radiology workforce. British Institute of Radiology Annual Congress, London.

Hardy M (2017) Conventional Radiography in Major Trauma. European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria

Hardy M, Snaith B, Martin A, Quinn C (2017) Do post-processing algorithms influence radiographic exposure factors? European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria

Hardy M, H. Ugail, K. Fenemore, A. Al-Dahoud, Z. Sayed (2017) Can motion capture technologies enhance radiography skills development? European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria

Hardy M (2016) Advanced Practice in Radiography: Impact and outcomes. UK Radiological Congress, Liverpool, UK

Hardy M (2016) Radiographer image interpretation – readiness for practice Suomen Röntgenhoitajaliitto, Helsinki, Finland

Hardy M, Knapp K (2016) Abstract writing for conference presentations.
Achieving excellence in radiography education and research, SCoR, Birmingham

Hardy M (2016) Evidence behind advanced and consultant practice and impact on patient care. 10th Advanced Practice Seminar, Wakefield, UK

Hardy M (2016) Radiology: the new horizon – equipping your workforce today to manage the demands of tomorrow. The future workforce. 6th National conference for Radiology Managers, London

Hardy M (2015) ELIiT faculty member: research skills development for Medical Radiations Technologists. Montreal, Canada

Hardy M (2015) Radiographer image interpretation – readiness for practice Suomen Röntgenhoitajaliitto, Helsinki, Finland

Hardy M (2015) Educating radiographers of the future. Suomen Röntgenhoitajaliitto conference, Tampere, Finland

Hardy M (2015) The future of Radiography. Suomen Röntgenhoitajaliitto conference, Tampere, Finland

Lewis E, Hardy M, Surr C (2015) Dementia Care in Diagnostic Imaging. Alzheimer Society Conference, London

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