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Fee Assessment

Will I pay home fees?

In order to qualify for home fees you must meet all of the following criteria from one of the categories below:

Please use the link which best describes your situation for more details. If none of the links below apply to you please contact Student Administration and Support.

Category 1

Those who are settled in the UK and meet the main residence requirements.  Full details »

Category 2

Those who are 'settled' in the UK and have exercised a 'right of residence' in the EEA and/ or Switzerland. Full details »

Category 3

European Union nationals and their family members. Full details »

Category 4

EU nationals in the UK. Full details »

Category 5

EU National/ Family members with the right of permanent residence in the UK. Full details »

Category 6

European Economic Area (EEA)/ Swiss workers and Family members. Full details »

Category 7

Child of a Swiss National. Full details »

Category 8

Child of a Turkish worker. Full details »

Category 9

Refugees, their spouse/ civil partner and children. Full details »

Category 10

Those not granted Refugee status but allowed to remain in the UK, their spouse/ civil partner and children. Full details »

Fee Status Confirmation

To have your fee status confirmed please complete the Fee Assessment Form:

For more information on tuition fees, please contact Student administration and support on +44 1274 235050 or email