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The Big Move

Students share their first University experiences with a Big Move video

Four first-year students have told their story of leaving home for the first time.

The students were given a camera to record their thoughts and feelings moving from home to student accommodation in The Green at the University of Bradford.

The Big Move (highlights)

The Big Move is a video diary of their experiences of coming to and starting study at Bradford.

This includes deciding what to bring with them, leaving their friends and family, meeting their new flatmates and starting their University journey.

The four students in the video are:

  • Cassandra Ise from Liverpool
  • Claire McCracken from Northern Ireland
  • Nicholas Bates from North Yorkshire
  • Zainab Lawal-Owonifari from London

The students entered the University’s Big Move competition by sending in a short video diary.

The best ones were then given a handheld video camera as a prize and asked to film their experiences.

The result is a funny and moving account of that first move away from home that the University of Bradford hopes will help future students as they contemplate starting their university career.

The Big Move (full)

The Big Move cast

The Big Move Cast

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