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Royal Society appoints Bradford researcher to University Research Fellowship

Published: 12 October 2016

The Royal Society has announced the appointment of a University of Bradford researcher as a University Research Fellow (URF).

Dr Nicolas Barry is one of 44 newly appointed research fellows and received the prestigious fellowship for his project ‘The design, chemistry, and biochemistry of carborane metallated particles’.  

The project involves the search for new, safer, and more effective medicines. Metallodrugs (molecules that contain one or several metal atoms) offer unique biological properties which can be used both for therapy and for diagnosis.

Dr Barry proposes to combine inorganic medicinal chemistry and nanotechnology tools in order to develop efficient, and safer metal-based drug candidates. He will synthesise innovative molecules combining unusual ligands (carboranes), and precious metals. To improve their biological activity, these metal-based drug candidates will be encapsulated in particles made of polymers.

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