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Your Journey to Bradford 

We are pleased you have chosen the University of Bradford for your UK studies. Our pre-arrival pages are designed to help you get organised and prepare for your journey.

Pre-arrival Booklet 2016
Pre-arrival Booklet 2016
Download Pre-arrival Booklet 2016
(PDF, 2.3MB)

What to arrange before you leave home

Remember to bring

  • Your passport
  • Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies Statement and Acceptance letter
  • Your original qualification certificates 
  • Your enrolment summary and documents in your enrolment checklist 
  • Bankers draft, cheque or credit card to pay at least 50% of your tuition fees
  • If your fees are paid by an official sponsor (company, organisation or government, rather than relative), bring the original letter on their headed paper and their telephone number 
  • Documentary evidence of any outstanding conditions for your application (e.g. examination certificates)
  • Your accommodation contract if applicable 
  • Your travel insurance  
  • Legal documents proving any change of name 
  • Small amount of money (about £300) in cash or traveller's cheques for everyday expenses and use before your bank account can be set up and activated
  • Your TB health certificate if applicable and any chest X-rays that you have 
  • Details of all vaccinations that you have had 
  • Medical records if you have any pre-existing conditions (with English translation)
  • Any medication that you are currently taking (including a letter from your doctor in English, confirming which medication you are carrying)


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